Terms and Conditions Online Reservations

Terms & Conditions online bookings

1 introductory provisions
1.1 These General Terms and Conditions ( the "Terms " ) apply to online booking of accommodation provided by hotel operator , use of online hotel reservation system operator , payment and cancellation conditions for online bookings made ​​by customers / clients through this website , as well as all other rights and obligations arising from the legal relationship arising from the online booking.
1.2 The Client may use the online reservation only if it agrees with the GTC . Clients shall be advised in their own interest to become familiar with these T & Cs before making the reservation . Re-use of online booking , the client is obliged to always familiar with the current version of the GTC . Hotel operator reserves the right to unilaterally amend these GTC , the GTC change is effective from the date of publication on the website of the hotel operator . If the client does not agree with certain provisions of these Terms and Conditions, hotel operator demands that said online reservation system unused. Confirmation of the reservation the client expresses unconditional agreement to these GTC .
1.3 Each client acknowledges that all prices and booking conditions and the provision of services only apply to online bookings made through this website .
1.4 By using the online reservation system client declares that reached the age of at least 18 years of age and is competent in its own name , acquire rights and assume obligations .

2 reservation
2.1 For online bookings , the client to obtain information about available accommodation facilities in the hotel according to the requirements specified in the reservation form ( arrival , departure date , room type , etc. . ) .
2.2 For online reservation after selecting all the data for the beginning and end of stay , room type , and additional services like client completes all required information .
2.3 Information on the credit or debit card are meant to guarantee your reservation of accommodation in the selected period . If not entered , and the type of credit or debit cards will not be guaranteed reservation .
4.2 After filling in all the required data and after completion of a pre-authorization within the meaning of the GTC will be sent to the client reservation confirmation to the e - mail address within one day of receipt of reservation .

 3 Payment Terms
3.1 Implementation of accommodation booked clients with online booking will be made by the operator of the hotel as pre-authorization payment / blocking of client funds on the card in the amount of the total accommodation price . Pre-authorization will be done through the terminal and enter your credit or debit card customer , card expiry date and the CVC ( card verification code ) . This means that by completing the information on your card in the reservation form , the client gives consent to blocking of funds . Under the terms of commercial bank hotel operator blocking is possible for a maximum of 30 days.
3.2 Hotel realized by means of blocking email client oscanovanú receipt from the terminal , which will inter alia contain the document number , card number ( last four digits ) , reservation number and the amount to which it was exposed to blocking .
3.3 The pre-authorization is a guaranteed reservation , which will be repealed upon the client's arrival to the hotel and paid full price for service at the reception . Cancellation of blocking hotel reception staff will issue a certificate from the client terminal , respectively . the written request of the customer will oscanované confirmation sent to his e - mail address.
3.4 Procedure and on the activities of the hotel is based on ethical principles and respects the privacy of the client . The reservation system is currently used by state of the encryption of sensitive data and information , which guarantees full security of information provided in the implementation of clients' payments .
3.5 These payment terms online bookings are intended solely for individuals , ie booking accommodation for up to 10 people . Accommodation groups are resolved between the client and the hotel operator on the basis of contracts concluded and binding orders . To this end, their orders and reservations Customer shall be sent directly to the e - mail address : or send mail to: Hotel Dukla, as Presov , Namestie legionarov 2 , 080 01 Presov , Slovak Republic .

4 Change or cancellation fees , no-show charge cancellation fees
4.1 Any changes made ​​online reservation by the client can be made electronically by entering the email address specified when the client online reservation in writing , by telephone or e-mail through the reservation department of the hotel operator by phone: +421918902153 , e - mail address : , mailing address Hotel Dukla, as Presov , Namestie legionarov 2 , 080 01 Prešov . If the client requests a change of bookings made ​​online , which is not possible due to capacity or other operational reasons, be , hotel operator shall take all steps to satisfy the requirements of the client , but the hotel operator is not required to change the client request to make an online reservation met and the client is not entitled damages or any other consideration from the operator of the hotel because of the impossibility changes made ​​reservations.
4.2 In the event of withdrawal or partial withdrawal from the contract the client and of cancellation or partial cancellation of reservation the hotel operator is entitled to charge a cancellation fee of 30 % of total amount reserved client . Cancellation fee a hotel operator collects the credit card as a proportion of the blocked amount. Subsequently, the blocking canceled and oscanované evidence of these acts will be sent to the email address of the Customer .
4.3 In exceptional cases , such as . illness , death , natural disaster , etc. . , hotel operator is authorized to waive the reimbursement cancellation fee, upon presentation of credible evidence of serious cause of cancellation (also partial ) .
4.4 In the event of withdrawal from the contract and the client of cancellation or partial withdrawal from the Contract Manager and part of cancellation or no-show the hotel operator will send the client a written or email notice of a claim operator's cancellation fee and its amount under these GTC 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract and the client of cancellation or from the date of partial withdrawal from the Contract Manager and partial cancellation of reservation or the date of the beginning of the stay in case of no client residence .

 5 Special provisions
5.1 In the event of questions or issues that arise in online bookings , the client is entitled to apply to the operator of the hotel reservation department by phone at the phone number : +421918902153 or e - mail at .
2.5 Check-in is possible at the date of commencement of residence under reservation from 14:00 pm Check-out .. is the last day of residence under reservation 12.00 .
5.3 In case of special requirements ( cot, late onset or leave the residence / late check -in or late check-out / ) or interest in booking additional services the customer is entitled to apply to the operator of the hotel reservation department by phone at the phone number : +421918902153 or e - mail at .

6 Privacy Policy 

6.1.The Operator of the personal data provided by the Client to the Hotel in connection with the provision of the Hotel Services is the Hotel DUKLA, a.s. Prešov with headquarters Námestie legionárov 2, 080 01 Prešov, IČO: 36 482 293, registered in the Commercial Register of the District Court of Prešov, Section Sa, insert no. 10254 / P and process them in accordance with Regulation (EU)  of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) No.2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General regulation of data protection) 18/2018 Codex on the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts. You can find complete information on the GDPR section of the Hotel website.

7 final provisions
7.1 These Terms and the legal relations established on the basis of the legal system of the Slovak Republic .
7.2 If any provision of these GTC be or become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable , such invalidity shall not affect , ineffectiveness or unenforceability validity and effectiveness of the other provisions of these GTC .
7.3 Client for confirmation online booking agrees with these GTC and undertakes to comply with them. Hotel operator reserves the right to amend these GTC . Obligation written notice of the change is met by placing GTC GTC changed the website operator
7.4 These T & C come into force and effect on 1.4.2014 .

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