Accommodation Rules

Hotel guests and visitors of the hotel accommodation rules adopted as a contractual condition throughout the period of accommodation or visit the hotel Dukla . Accommodation rules are also available at the reception Dukla ( hereinafter referred to as " hotel" ) .
 In the hotel can be accommodated only guest who has booked and confirmed service staff or contractual relationship has been in place for accommodation or for housing on the site . For this purpose, the hotel reception staff at check their identity card , passport or other valid identity document . Signing of aliens shall be governed by specific legislation. The hotel provides privacy accommodated under the Law on Personal Data Protection.
 the receptionist immediately after checking identification and registration reservation system transmit a guest key card . Guest keep this key until the end of the stay . Loss of key card is charged special rates .
 Guest can accommodate from 14:00 hrs . , In exceptional cases even earlier if it was prearranged , or under the current situation upon arrival to stay.
 Room reservation based on ordered and confirmed reception of the hotel accommodation is a guest room booked on the day of arrival until 22:00 . , Unless otherwise agreed in advance . If the guest fails to that time , rooms will be available for free use of the hotel . Cancellation solves a separate hotel prescription.
 The guest is obliged to unsubscribe stay and leave the room until 11:00 hours . , If the departure time otherwise agreed . After 11:00 pm . the hotel has the right to charge a residence for the next day , at least 50 % of the accommodation .
 Client is obliged any deficiencies , irregularities or complaints reported to the reception immediately upon moving in to the room and their findings. It is obliged to proceed if it finds any damage or a room inventory. In the event that the hotel rooms detects corruption or her inventory after the stay of the client without the client to these circumstances the hotel reception , the client is obliged to pay damages for hotel rooms or damage its inventory in its entirety.
 If you host a pre- ordered a single room and the hotel confirmed the order , the hotel will charge the guest for only the price of a single room where the guest houses in viacposteľovej room or apartment. This principle also applies when ordering and confirmation of accommodation in double or triple room , where guests staying in viacposteľovej room or suite.
 If the guest requests to extend the stay , the hotel may offer a different room in a different price range than the one in which it was originally accommodated . In this case a guest is not entitled to accommodation in the room , which was originally accommodated and even accommodation in another hotel room , unless the capacity or operational reasons, the hotel is not possible . As extension of stay is the receptionist entitled to claim reimbursement for amounts already provided accommodation and other services .
 guests pay a bill for accommodation and services provided by the hotel according to the confirmed order. If it is not confirmed booking, the hotel will charge fees according to the valid price list , which is available at the front desk . Hotel rates may change if the host requires a different category rooms and other services as established in the order. In such event, the price in accordance with current hotel. Maturity rates for accommodation and services provided by the hotel is later than the date agreed last day of performance . This is without prejudice to the payment terms under contracts of accommodation.
 When temporary stay of guests from month to month and when questioned whether a guest will be able to pay for accommodation reception after discussions with the management of the hotel has the right to request payment from the guest accommodation has continuously during accommodation .
 Price list for temporary accommodation and other services are available for inspection at the reception .
 For security reasons it is not permitted to leave children under 10 without adult supervision in the room and other areas of the hotel . At the inception of an accident or other unforeseen circumstances, the person responsible for the child with whom the child is registered to stay .
 pets are allowed only if the owner proves their health and safe during their stay will comply with all health and hygiene rules . Animals is banned and stay in areas where food is stored , prepared or served food and drinks on the premises of the wellness center . It is not allowed to have pets in the hotel premises ( including hotel rooms ) be left unattended accommodate guests ( owner or accompanying person ) . Animals should not lie on a bed or other equipment that is used to relax the guest . It is not allowed to use the shower or sink for washing animals. The person accompanying the animal to bear responsibility for any damage to property caused by the animal away. Accommodation for pet hotel charges a fee for each night according to valid price list .
 Smoking is permitted only in designated areas of the hotel ! For violation of the prohibition is charged 50 Euros.
 In the hotel is allowed to consume alcoholic beverages only to persons older than 18 years .
 Staff accommodation is entitled to refuse to sell or bring alcoholic beverage to persons under 18 years of age and persons apparently affected by alcohol or other intoxicating substance .
 hotel staff are not authorized to submit any information about guest accommodation third parties ( except police officers after their standi and justification to require proof of such data ) or allow a visit to a third party without his consent guest .
 To receive visits guests are available for public spaces of the hotel . The room where the guest is staying , can receive visitors during visiting hours from 8:00 am . to 22:00. only with the consent of the person in charge who is authorized to require visits identification document - ID card, respectively . passport .
 In the event that the visit will abstain in the room unusually long time ( more than two hours ) , the receptionist is authorized to demand payment for accommodation according to the valid price list .
 In justified cases, the worker is authorized to visit the reception room impossible.
 Between 22.00 hrs . to 06,00 hours . our guests are required to follow a night room . Only with the consent of the responsible official or management can organize the event after 22:00. , In controlled areas .
 The guest is obliged to act so as to prevent damage to health, property .
 Located recommends that the guest during their stay in the room had locked the front door . Before you open the door to strangers , check the reason for their entry requirements into the room , and if in doubt contact the front desk immediately .
 Hotel is not responsible for any disputes or conflicts between guests / visitors of the hotel , but the extent legally possible, take the necessary steps to ensure order and peace in accommodation and other hotel areas.
 In the rooms, guests are not allowed to use their own electric, gas appliances - Portable . This restriction does not apply to the use of electrical appliances installed in a room or portable electrical equipment used for personal purposes reviews ( shaver , hair dryers , etc. . ) . Hotel does not accept responsibility for any damage to electrical appliances guest, which occurred as a result of fluctuations or power failure .
 Guest agrees that throughout the duration of the rental accommodation is in order to perform his or her obligations The rights into his maid walked in , handyman or another authorized employee of the hotel . If the guest wants to avoid thrown off the outside of his door card " Do not disturb" . This does not apply if the input is necessary , if required urgently to address the situation / example . threat of accidents , violations of the conditions of accommodation , especially when the interference with other guests and the like . / .
 In the room or throughout the building of the hotel may not without the consent of the client to move equipment , make adjustments , and any interference with mains or other installation . The property is strictly forbidden to use the facilities of the wellness center (swimming pools , saunas ) under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic substances . The client , who suffers from cardiovascular disease respectively . has any medical or other diseases as a result of which stay in the pool , respectively . sauna can aggravate the health or life-threatening, can use sauna , respectively . wellness center at your own risk and responsibility . Every visitor is obliged to follow the order of the wellness center .
 The hotel is not responsible for lost and forgotten things in the hotel .
 Hotel is not liable for any damages that were caused by the guest out of the hotel .
 From a security standpoint , the guest is obliged to respect the designation of the door only for hotel staff .
 For security reasons, guests are not authorized in the hotel carry a gun and ammunition , or other weapons and ammunition kept in a state allowing their immediate use .
 The hotel is strictly prohibited to take , hold, produced or stored narcotic or psychotropic drugs or poisons , unless there are drugs whose use was the guest prescribed by a doctor .
 Hotel is responsible for things introduced accommodated persons in spaces that are reserved for accommodation or for storing things and for this purpose have been uploaded into custody or responsible employee at the hotel. The room is jewelery, money and other valuables stored in the vault built in the room .
 Responsibility for the introduced case is governed by § 758 of the Civil Code .
 Found case be sent to the accommodated guest only at his request . Found things are stored in the hotel more than six months .
 guest accommodation is required before leaving the room to close the taps , turn off the lights in the room and adjacent spaces room , turn off electrical appliances that are in the room , take out patio doors and windows , close the front door and Card key pass at the reception .
 hotel guests , or his visit or escort is required to manage the hotel fire policies , which are posted on each floor by the elevator for guests .
 The hotel corridors are equipped with fire alarms and sensors with an indication that trigger immediate evacuation fire alarm . Misuse or damage of detector , also fire extinguishers and hydrants , handling or covering fire sensors , the hotel has the right to charge special rates .
 The damage caused to the property of the hotel guest is responsible under the applicable laws of the Slovak Republic .
 The amount of the fine for damage to property or violation of safety rules decided by the management of the hotel , and taking into account the amount of damage .
 The guest is obliged to comply with the provision of the House Rules . In the event of infringement , the hotel has the right to cancel the contract for the provision of accommodation services before the agreed time .
 Complaints ratings or suggestions for improving the operation of the hotel accepts responsibility worker receptions, respectively . hotel management . Complaints shall be dealt with under the Complaints Procedure published at the reception .

This accommodation Procedure shall enter into force on 01.12.2013

JUDr . Anton Bidovský
Chairman of the Board