Orders and information find at the Wellness reception
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On the top floor of the hotel our quests and also daily visitors can find an oasis of calm -Wellness center with a panoramic view of Prešov and comprehensive offer of services which can not be found in town - fitness center, massage, jacuzzi, sauna, hair salon, solarium, bar and relaxation rooms.

Professional team of the Wellness Center takes care of the clients.

Very interesting offer of wellness center are gift vouchers, by which you can make glad your loved ones or business partners.

Wellness - working hours: 
Monday – Friday: 14:00 – 20:00
Saturday – Sunday: closed

The Finnish Sauna

Traditional dry sauna has been used mostly by the northern nations for several centuries to strengthen health, relieve muscles and to improve immune system. The beneficial effect of sauna can be reached by changing of hot and cold phases. Regular visit of sauna can  reduce tension and stress , wash out toxins, help to reduce bacteria, clean skin deeply and increase level of energy. It is also prevention of respiratory diseases, cold and influenza disease. Temperature of sauna is about 90-100°C. Recommended time of stay in sauna is repeated 15 minutes.

Steam Sauna

Inhalation of eucalyptus steam helps to prevent  viral diseases and release the airways. It is also effective for colds, allergies and other respiratory diseases. Effect of steam cleanses the skin and enchnces its elasticits. Steam enables the body  to get rid of 30% of accumulated toxins. The ambient temperature is 44-55°C with the 100% humidity. Recommended lenght of stay is repeated 15 minutes.

Relaxing room

You can relax undisturbed to the sounds of relaxing music and forget about everyday problems. Treat yourself with pleasant rest at anatomically shaped and heated beds.

Massage is the oldest and simplest of all the healing methods. People knew long time ago that touch helps to relive internal stress. And this simple, yet effective  "cure" is still used today. It relives tension and pain, improves blood circulation in organs what can improve their function. It also relives spasms of muscles, but also blocked emotions and encourage the brain to release hormones of happiness - endorphins.

Wellness center offers the following types of massage: antistress, classical, reflex foot massage, lymphatic drainage, hot stone - hot lava stones, DE LUXE. Inovation is luxury chocolate massage.

Jacuzzi – immerse yourself and enjoy the pleasant massage of water jets with an isothermal temperature of 36-37°C, which releases all the muscles in your body perfectly and blood circulation thoroughout the body. It relieves the whole muscle systemand it is beneficial for muscle regeneration and blood circulation in the skin. The room has a minibar with 2 jacuzzi, sun beds and massage shower, so it is nice option to relax even for a larger organized group of people.

Fitness is open to the general public and hotel guests who have free entrance. It is equipped with fitness equipment, treadmill, stepper, stationary bike, weights, fitballs.

Nice tan throughout the year can be achieved in a modern vertical turbosolarium.

Our professionaly trained staff offers services of worldwide brands L´Oreal and Matrix that satisfy the most demanding customers. Another attractive brand is Biolage offering intensive care for problematic hair and skin, which restores the natural texture of the hair and offers visible change after the first use.